Environmental Problem-Solving

There are usually two main elements to environmental problem-solving -- a good understanding of the materials involved and an acceptance of gravity.  Gravity works, even if you don’t pay your gravity bill.

David L. Bauer, Founder         

Representative Areas of Expertise and Interest:  

Industrial Ecological Sustainability  
Sustainable Municipal Policy Facilitation and Implementation
Research/Studies in Support of the CEQA/NEPA Process
  Special Topic Studies (Partial List)
·         Urban Hydrology
·         Phytoremediation and Wetland Restoration
·         Stormwater Mitigation Plans and Best Management Practices
·         Chemical Contaminants of Public Concern, i.e., Chromium 6  

Targhee believes that a disciplined and logical approach should be the basis for addressing any environmental challenge.  This process has been described by Elving, Grasselli, and Lucchesi (Analytical Chemistry, 1976, Vol. 46, p. 1034A) as “the analytical approach”.  It requires having a staff that possesses a solid foundation in chemistry, geology, environmental science, and engineering.  The team assigned to the project must be acutely aware of the interplay between chemical theory and common practice. 

The first step is to define the problem at hand through interaction with the client to obtain his or her knowledge of the problem and to understand the requirements to be met by the solution in terms of needed level of expertise and timing.  Targhee firmly believes in communicating answers, not data.  Reports provide an interpretation of the information obtained on behalf of the client in a clear, consistent, and meaningful format that can be used to help solve the problem.  Our commitment is to complete all tasks using the highest level of expertise and ensuring that all underlying chemical theories relating to the problems are thoroughly investigated.

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