Remedial Actions  

You could cover the whole world with asphalt, but sooner or later green grass would break through.
Attributed to Ilya Ehrenburg, The New York Times Book Review, October 22, 1967, p.1. Unverified
God has lent us the earth for our life; it is a great entail. It belongs as much to those who are to come after us, and whose names are already written in the book of creation, as to us; and we have no right, by anything that we do or neglect, to involve them in unnecessary penalties, or deprive them of benefits which it was in our power to bequeath.
John Ruskin
The Seven Lamps of Architecture, p. 248, 1907

Range of Services Offered:  

Subsurface Investigation
 Remediation Design and Implementation
·         Groundwater pump and treat extraction systems
·         Soil-vapor extraction systems
·         Traditional excavation and removal of contaminated soil
·         Natural attenuation
On-going Monitoring and Project Oversight

Targhee can provide project management services for the full range of remedial services including the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of various environmental systems.  It is not necessary to know everything about the nature and extent of contamination before a remedial approach can be selected.  In fact, knowing the options available can help focus any follow-up investigation.  General factors to be considered include the property value, cleanup cost, remediation time frame, safety of workers and nearby residents, and any long-term liability to the property owner.

If a Phase II Environmental Site Investigation has identified that a property has been contaminated by hazardous materials, the next step is to identify the most appropriate strategy for cleanup.  Using existing information and reports, the project team will review the data and determine if there is a real need to undertake remedial action, or whether there are data gaps that must first be addressed.  Whatever the source or extent of contamination, Targhee can quickly design and implement a remedial action plan that is cost effective for the level and nature of contamination present and the intended use of the property. 

Throughout the process, the project manager will keep the client apprised of the situation and ensure that all decisions are made in the most efficient manner consistent with the property owner’s needs, desires, and responsibilities.  A true understanding of the physical, chemical and toxicological properties of the contaminants is essential in recommending the most economical remedial approach.  Moreover, this approach must be defended in all documents submitted to regulatory authorities and be based solely on sound scientific principles, especially if there is public controversy associated with the subject property.

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Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

"Soil Vapor Extraction Systems"

Groundwater Treatment Systems

"Groundwater Treatment System - Water Tank, Air Stripper & Liquid Phase Carbon Beds, etc."

Groundwater Treatment Systems

"Groundwater Treatment System - Air Stripper & Vapor Phase Carbon Beds, etc."


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